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UGC recognizing the need for updated knowledge and skills, has asked the Educational Institutions, to review and revise the curricula of all academic departments once in every three years.

UGC feels that in a world changing at breakneck speed, any conceptual innovations and technological breakthroughs are subjected to further alterations and up-gradation within a short span since their launch and in such a vibrant climate, the responsibility to address the needs created by self-activating change lies at the door of educational leaders, classroom teachers, academic administrators, and community leaders. According to UGC, the most efficient way to do the same is periodic curriculum revision.

The issue was therefore discussed at the Highest Level, in a recently held meeting of the Group of Secretaries on Education and Social Development with the Hon’ble Prime Minister and it was recommended that curricula of all academic departments in Universities should be reviewed and revised at least once in every three years.

The meeting not only decided upon the requirement of revision but also set the mandate for such revision to focus on the existing and potential demand and supply of skill sets to make the University/College students employable.

The Institutions have therefore been directed to take immediate action so that the curricula of various programs offered are revised and adopted for quick implementation.


EduLegaL View:

We feel that review should not only be restricted to syllabus and curricula, it should be expanded to include method of teaching, imparting instructions, evaluation and assessment and only when such holistic revision is undertaken then the entire exercise will achieve its absolute manifestation.

We say so because curricula are further integrally with all other serial elements of education. Many a time the syllabus changes but the teaching methodology still takes an ancient look, which does not hep the situation.

Having said that, even starting with periodic revision of curricula is a good initiative and we welcome that! This also seems to be in furtherance of establishing and expanding “Skill” as an integral part of educational ecosystem in India.





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