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NATIONAL ASSESSMENT AND ACCREDITATION COUNCIL (NAAC), an autonomous body established by UGC to assess and accredit institutions and the grade the Institute has revised its assessment and accreditation process and now the fresh applications will have to follow the revised process. One of the major features of this process of seeking response / feedback from the students about the information submitted by the Institutes and then giving weightage to the student’s response.

Under the new Assessment and Accreditation Process, the Institutions depending upon their eligbility shall submit Institutional Information for Quality Assessment [IIQA] and prepare the Self Study Report [SSR]. The Institutions, once SSR is prepared shall publish the same on its website. It is at this stage that a new element of student response and feedback has been introduced on the information, which has been submitted to NAAC and a student satisfaction will also be conducted.

NAAC will then independently verify and validate the information which has been given by the Institutes. Once the data is verified and certified then the process of assessment and evaluation will start only for those Institutions, which have qualified the assessment criteria. This will be followed by on site assessment and gradation.

Some of the salient features of the new system involves, External Verification and validation of data and also System validation, which is a great step towards strengthening the process. The pre-qualification will also be system based, reducing human intervention. This also reduces the role of Peer Team to a greater extent.

As part of the Student Satisfaction Survey, naturally the Institutes will have to share the contact the details and other data of students with NAAC.  Most importantly now the 70 % of the gradation assessment will happen only on the basis of data, data verification and student satisfaction survey, reducing the Peer Team contribution to 30 %.

NAAC had stopped receiving application for assessment and accreditation process after 31st March 2017 and it will commence for the Universities now, after implementation of the new grading system. The system was stopped to carry out an overhaul of its grading system, as there was lot of complaint in the accreditation process more particularly related to field visits of peer teams.

EduLegaL View:

This is a pathbreaking step taken by NAAC and we welcome it !

Taking feedback / response from students and giving it weightage is a global practice, however it was eluding India until now. This will be “truth” to the quality claims of the Institute.

Until now in the present system, Peer Team assessment which accounted for 100 % value in terms of weightage, consisted mainly of teachers and professors from other Universities / Colleges. With all due respect, the members obviously apart from their academic experience did not any specialisation of conducting accreditation work. With the external and system based verification and validation process, certification of data will gain strength.

Der Se Aaye, Lekin Durust Aye !

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Ravi Bhardwaj | EduLegaL

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