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The Supreme Court while answering the question “Whether the concerned Deemed to be Universities in the present case, could start courses through distance education in subjects leading to award of degrees in Engineering – a) Without any parameters or Guidelines having been laid down by AICTE for conduct of such courses in technical education through distance education mode. b) Without prior approval under the AICTE Act” had ruled that the Deemed to be Universities in the present matter were not justified in introducing any new courses in Technical Education without the approval of AICTE.

It also set-aside the ex post facto approvals granted by UGC and their concerned authorities to the concerned Deemed Universities during the Academic Sessions 2001-2005 and declared that the degrees in Engineering awarded by concerned Deemed to be Universities to such students shall stand suspended.

However, giving life to the students affected by suspension, it directed AICTE to devise the modalities by 15.01.2018 to conduct an appropriate test/tests for the concerned students whose degrees stand suspended. It also allowed students to have two chances to succeed in the proposed entrance exam, failing which their degrees will get cancelled and benefits received by such students during employment shall be withdrawn.

AICTE now, acting in compliance with the direction of Supreme Court has issued a Public Notice calling upon all those candidates who have obtained Diploma/ Degree/ Post Graduate Degree in Engineering from any of the four Deemed to be Universities during the period 2001-2005.,

[1] JRN Rajasthan Vidyapeeth, Rajasthan (2) Advanced Studies in Education, Rajasthan (IASE) (3) Allahabad Agricultural Institute, (AAI) (4) Vinayaka Mission’s Research Foundation, Tamil Nadu, (VMRF), to register online for the test, as directed by the Supreme Court.

It has also started a dedicated portal to that effect, where the candidates are required to share their personal details including mandatory Aadhar Number. The candidate, are also required to the copy of degree / diploma and also the final year mark sheet.

Registration is open till 15.01.2018 and the test will be conducted, as per AICTE during May / June 2018.

EduLegaL View:

AICTE has to comply with the decision of the Supreme Court and it has done so. However, some more clarity and consideration was required to be shown from AICTE. It should have declared the syllabus for the examination so that the candidates can start preparing for the same. It used to be a 4 year course earlier with almost 8 exams and now all is going to be crushed in 1 examination and hence a student ought to know portion of subjects to prepare for the examination.

AICTE had full freedom to devise the methodology and hence it ought to have also considered that many students may have travelled to different streams for livelihood, so is the test to be conducted in the original subject of the course or the present occupational field, for e.g., several mechanical and civil engineering graduates took to IT for livelihood, should not AICTE allow such candidate to show their proficiency in IT than mechanical, it may be a difficult process but will give meaning to the order of the Hon’ble Supreme Court.

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