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The University Grants Commission (UGC) with a view to bring uniformity and transparency within and across the system of higher education in the country, its 521st Meeting held on 22nd February, 2017 has decided to direct all the universities and educational institutions to introduce identification mechanisms like students’ photographs and Aadhaar numbers besides other security features in degrees and certificates awarded by the Institutions.

UGC noticing the ill-effects and malpractices of forging mark-sheets and degrees, with the aid of technology has issued this directive to the Institution to introduce security features in the marksheets and certificates issued by university to students. According to UGC, such features, are useful for the purposes of verification and curbing duplication.

According to UGC, the identification mechanisms should include inscribe the name of the institution, mode of delivery (regular, part-time or distance), affixing photograph and Unique lD/Aadhaar number in students’ certificates. The idea behind this directive to associate the identity of the student with the document, as the marksheets / degrees are used several times in life of a person for various purposes.

UGC has asked Universities to ensure that the details are mentioned correctly in the academic certificates and has further urged the Universities to implement the changes at the earliest in the interests of students.

EduLegaL View:

Well done UGC!

Fake degrees are a big problem in India. There are several cases involving falsification of degrees. This initiative will certainly help in reducing academic corruption. Similarly, verification of educational credentials is a huge task in India because of the voluminous number of students, colleges and Universities.

But, my question is what happened to the Academic Repository? Is that not enough? Why duplication of exercise in an attempt to avoid duplication?

All the efforts should lead to creating the repository, as the present directive will cater only to the awardees henceforth, but what about the passouts?, Academic Repository is the answer, I think the Government has taken some steps, but it needs realisation.

Ravi Bhardwaj 

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